of bitters and meandering mosaics

Bitter meandering?

I’ve been searching the World for the sweater knitting pattern with a Greek motif along the hem that I KNOW I saw somewhere — the picture is in my head and I doubt I made it up. But I searched all of Ravelry, my knitting stash and the knitting books I have and the pattern never revealed itself. Where did the idea come from then?

So in my meandering search through all my files as well as all of Google’s Wide World of Web, I finally stumbled upon the NAME of the pattern in my head. It’s called Mosaic knitting. The specific pattern is a meander. And, there are tutorials. So, I made a swatch. This was quite satisfying, since I’d spent the better part of the rainy (supposed to, but didn’t rain) day. So, now I know how to do that meandering mosaic pattern.

Meanwhile, I have a fridge full of fruit and have wanted to try making more iterations of Bitters. You know, as in Angostura. Last year I made Blueberry from the organic blueberries from Bashaw Valley. This time I wanted to try several flavors, so I spent ANOTHER few hours combing Google for techniques and recipes.

Blueberry Bitters from 2020.

Stumbling Upon is the funnest part of Google and I finally tripped over High Desert Botanicals, which sells some of the weird roots and barks that make bitters bitter. Voila! I have some barks and botanicals on order. High Desert also generously supplied a pdf booklet of recipes, which I promptly downloaded.

Just plain cherries (with pits) from the grocery store. I cut them in half or thirds to better extract the juice and flavor

So today I made Cherry Bitters, Rhubarb Bitters, Blackberry Bitters and Ginger Bitters using 190 Proof Vodka. They’re in the cabinet (a dark place) steeping as we speak. Now I have to remember to Shake A Day for a couple of weeks.

A herd of bitters bottles in the process of steeping.

Diamond Delights

There I was, trying to take an afternoon nap to shed the persistent headache that’s been muffling my brain for a week. I’d just made the muscle-jerk that portends a fine session of afternoon power sleep when my mind drifted back to the Cubs inning that had just ended.

I started to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. So hard that the cat, who can smell a nap the minute it becomes an idea in my mind, jumped off the bed. I gave up. It’s physically impossible to nap and laugh at the same time.

Javy Baez IS magic and here’s why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThwJiusfcNs

The part that makes me laugh uproariously is when Javy takes a minute to give the safe sign (he’s not an ump, remember) before he sprints back to first.

don’t believe everything you think

So, I’ve been enjoying the company of this fawn and his mom since late May. I first saw them when the babe was no taller than my cat and wobbling through the woods on his newly-birthed little legs. What a sight that was.

Yesterday at dusk, he was alone on the lawn, but I knew his mom wasn’t far behind. Sure enough, a minute later she stepped from the woods. Imagine my surprise when I saw that she’d grown antlers. Blink. Blink. Really? Get the binoculars (though the couple was quite close). Sure enough. A couple of genuine antlers, complete with forks.

Apparently Mom was off shopping while big brother babysat? I mean, earlier in the summer, I did see the fawn nursing several times. And the dude with the antlers doesn’t have the right equipment for that particular activity.

even during COVID . . .

. . . friends drop by. And sometimes they hang around for a bit.

This dude hung out with me for about three days last week. I would have zoomed in and cropped the photo, but I wanted to remember his littleness. He was mighty minute.