I’m not a huge fan of lime green. . .

but newborn poplar leaves against a spring blue sky knocks my socks off. Of course, the above should be a video because even with no wind popple leaves always tremble. Well, quake is the Official Term, as in quaking aspen. And therein lies the charm, methinks.

Quite the Cat

You always hear about cats being aloof. Q likes me so much she sits very close and purrs. Close like on top of my computer keyboard. Makes typing a bit of a challenge. When I read, she sleeps on the couch back near my head.

polka dots.

My latest project (not saying there aren’t 20 other projects in the works, too)

I know. Strange design. Maybe it will all make sense when it’s done. Nah. It probably won’t. But it’s perfect for my Waterford bedroom. Not to be confused with my Trego bedroom. Which is aqua.

you ask why

The other day a friend said to me “You haven’t sold that place yet?” Uh, no. Here’s why:

I’m sure he thinks it’s a ratty little cabin Up North with no running water and a legion of spiders. It’s not.

Yeah. No spiders.