homeless shelter

Someone has taken up residence in the outdoor shower.

They really are robins egg blue. I wonder if she’d mind if I borrowed an egg to match paint at the hardware store.

“still” in business

There’s always been an interesting array of taverns Up North. I suspect this might be because their scarcity requires that establishments wear several hats (would that be roofs?) from coffee shop to restaurant to conference room. Indeed, I’ve attended many a council around the tables of lounges, lodges and saloons.

So I was delighted to hear that the old Bass Lake Inn had been revamped and reopened (as in not closed down like many others) as The Still.

Big open garage door makes it nice and light inside.

Mirth Defined

I recently met a young person with the cutest lisp (I secretly wish we wouldn’t “correct” all the differences out of humans). When I asked her name, she told me it was Kathy, spelled Kassie.

Sir Loin

So, there he was wandering the aisles of the grocery store talking on the phone followed step for step by three little blonde kids with a huge pork loin slung over his shoulder.

let me explain

Glitchy tech stuff

My Just For Fun website got a bit frustrating lately when GoDaddy had issues. I couldn’t work very well in the back end, because the interface was all funky. I think it needed a PHP update, but that became complicated when it wasn’t a two-click task. So, I migrated to SiteGround, where it immediately corrected itself. All this is probably invisible to the average reader (like I have a cast of thousands), but so annoying to me that it diverted me from JustForFun to Arrgghhh!

Better now.

Brain Candy

So last Friday seemed like kind of a putzy day to me, but when it ended, I realized I’d accomplished quite a bit. As everyone knows, the Success of a Day depends entirely upon how productive one has been, as in: ,Did I build a new bathroom? Did I canoe the entire Namekagon River? Did I pressure wash and refinish all the decks? Lay flooring in the entire house? Build a second story?

I finished up my PhotoShop class, took the exam, then made half a cushion. Right. Not a new bathroom, but more than expected.

This past winter, I found that the local library offers classes online through a vendor called Ed2Go. And they are VERY good. I first took the one called Adobe LightRoom, a program that helps with photograph workflow, sorting, searching and some editing. Then I took PhotoShop. I learned tons of useful stuff in both classes and will definitely take advantage of more of them next winter, since it requires burying my head in front of two monitors (at Libby’s that’s in the closet) which will never be done while the sun is shining and outdoors is calling.