ankles like clydesdales?

So I decided to pop outside for a few minutes this morning and it was a bit wet, so grabbed the boots near the door. But when it came time to remove them, they wouldn’t budge. So I had to resort to a bit of canola oil to coax the boots and my feet to part ways.

I just saw a bluebird!

So I was outside working and sweating and cleaning up the yard and mowing (had to change the mower oil first) and sweating and trimming. It might have been time to quit for the day . . . or not. So, I sat down in a lawn chair to ponder. And I saw a bluebird. I’ve never seen one here before. Apparently, the answer was to quit for the day because had I been mowing, I’d have missed that rascal.

If he sticks around — I assume they’re nesting somewhere nearby — I’ll get a picture.