some who wander are really lost

I have hereby officially found all the items I lost during my many months of memory loss. I even found my black jeans which have been missing for nine months. Now that my brain has returned from an alternate reality, remind me not to refill my prescription for Topamax.

rain chain

I wanted to make a rain chain for Brenda’s birthday, so I started gathering all sorts of stuff

There was a bucket of rocks languishing behind the toolshed.

More rocks. I know. Kind of a mess.

At first I thought I’d use rocks, but I was really lame at wrapping rocks in wire. I actually bought a diamond drill bit so I could drill holes through them and send the wire through, but it was painfully slow and I planned to use A Lot O’ Rocks. Then I rediscovered this box of wooden things.

Doesn’t everyone have a box of wooden things? Prolly not.

And these rascals had pre-drilled holes. Amazing.

This’ll work. Pre-rusted, too.

Tools. Preferably pre-rusted. They work better that way. (I looked it up on Google.) Those keys would also make an interesting rain chain.

The wire went neatly through the wood, then I wrapped it around something several times to make a pigtail.

Happy Birthday, Brenda.