It’s been a bit rainy lately and mushrooms have proliferated throughout the yard. So, the Gnomes and I took a tour.

Mushroom Rosies
Yellow Submarine
Fill this one with Gnome Grog. Or Summer Shandy, if you’re so inclined.
This mushroom zoomed out of the soil so aggressively that it pushed up its own little Mount Etna.
Expecting this one to start dancing.
I mean, who could resist jumping aboard?

hose tools

It seems there’s not enough room between the hose connections to get my hands in there to tighten them. So, instead of marching off to the tool shed every time I change out hoses, I dedicated a channel locks specifically for hoses. Sadly, the poor little dude is rusting rapidly.

Other paraphernalia hangs out under the spigot, too. Also a volunteer chive plant.(?)

My old rusty mailbox and a stand from a former bird bath to the rescue.

I painted them with Rustoleum 2X. Cut a piece of treated plywood to mount the mailbox to the post and voila.

Aww. Tools all cozy and dry.