27 Below

Whoa. The little digital thermometer in the back foyer said 27.1 below this morning. I still see those tiny tykes walking to the school down the street, though. Hearty little people. One little guy was skipping — like it’s summer or something.

I’m using bright sunny days with light-reflecting new clean snow to work on the kitchen. Late morning is a good time to really see where I missed snippets of wallpaper backing. So I finished with the TSP cleaning and had j-u-s-t enough Zinsser Bullseye Plus primer to finish the three walls. The sink/stove wall is going to need the heavy duty primer as there’s formica glue, mold and other substances that need covering.

The lower cabinets got lonely for the upper cabinets so they staged a walkout. I helped them along to the garage, where they’ll have to stay until I get trash service (which I finally ordered today).



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