Facebook Fail

I did it! I did it! I think. I finally found one more place I can turn off email notifications from Facebook. It’s been months. And I’m still not sure it’s really turned off.

I’m curious to know whether any business that uses Facebook has ever had a Genuine Facebook Employee help them with anything. Almost every other software or Internet company (Google, WordPress, WordPress plugin developers, etc) has some live people whose job it is to help. Especially (sometimes only) for their paying customers or resellers. If you’re a Facebook business user or page manager who PAYS Facebook for boosts or anything else, have you ever heard from a live person? I envision Facebook headquarters as vast buildings that are completely empty. Not even a mouse.

I Googled Facebook support: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Yikes. Guess I’m not the only one to ask this question.

Both of the above links lead to hundreds of disgruntled business owners talking about how terrible their customer service is. What good does that do when there is no competition for Facebook?

Update: It didn’t work. I didn’t receive any notifications for a few hours, but then they started again. All notifications are off. I unsubscribed from the emails. Spent a half hour ensuring that all notifications are off.  So I removed myself as an administrator. I don’t know what I’ll do if I continue to receive notifications. 🙁

How very odd that business owners — especially those who consider themselves savvy — allow a company to dictate to them so completely without even the courtesy of support. I’m sure I can’t be entirely mistaken, but I still have never had a business owner show me profit (for THEM, not FB) from using Facebook

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