Almost ready for human habitation

There was quite a big break in here as I took a vacation in Mexico with my friends. Prior to leaving, though, I finished up a few crucial items. The kitchen floor needed help and ripping up the current flooring isn’t an option. So, we’re off on a painting spree again.

Kitchen floor with old vinyl. Now that I’ve stripped wallpaper, painted the walls and replaced the sink, I’m finished with all the projects that would do damage to the floor. (I hope.)
I hired this cat to model the new floor. I couldn’t afford one of those snazzy girls they put in car commercials. The cat came cheap.


Of course the kitchen furniture and appliances needed to relocate to the living room for a couple of days. The best part of living in remodeling is what a pleasure it is to put everything back in place.

I also painted the bathroom floor and the foyer. In fact, I backed out the door, paint roller in hand to leave on my trip.

Foyer floor gets a new face. Not sure if I’ll leave the walls red. I like the color, but it’s kind of beat up and I don’t have the means to touch it up.
I finished up the paint on the cabinet that had been languishing in the garage and put the microwave on it to free up space on the counter.
The dining corner. Am I Blue.

The dining corner was really dark, as there’s no overhead light. So I found these $2 wall-mount laps to mount above the table. Since there’s a (rare) outlet in that corner I could just plug them in. I also found a cool print of a sailboat scene that stays with the blue/nautical theme throughout the house. Susie’s Periodic Table of Vegetables, of course remains there — a clever poster of veggies A to Z. A couple of pure cotton tablecloths make good covers (Two: one on the table, one in the wash) for the oak table.

Although the bedroom floor isn’t finished, you can get an idea how the painted wood floor will look fresher.

I took a piece of pegboard — used to hang tools next to the workbench in the basement — gave it a coat of paint (yipes. is there anything in my world that isn’t painted??) and hung it next to the stove. Still used for tools, but a different kind. The light is mounted on a box made from one of the drawers from the kitchen counter. The light needed to have an integrated switch because there is no wiring for a wall switch. I found two of them. This one’s mate is above the bathroom vanity — although that one now has a wall switch (GFI to meet code).


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