Apartment Therapy

In fall of 2012 massive upheavals took place in my life and I moved into this apartment building. That’s Ella reigning over the lawn this past fall while she was staying with me during her parents’ (Kent and Brenda) visit to Oklahoma. I realized I’d never taken a photo of the outside of the building so snapped a quick one.

Kent & Ansel at the apartment. This is December 25, but there’s no snow. . . yet.

At Christmas, Ansel drove up with his dog, Maebe. We all met at my apartment and celebrated. Short but very sweet visit. A house fulla dogs.

It’s a solid old building with its share of quirks, but I have become very fond of it. My space is on the south side, so has windows facing east, south and west. Very sunny. THAT is the therapy part.

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