Brenda’s Vodka Lemonade cardigan

When I saw this pattern on Ravelry, I immediately thought of Brenda. So I made her a couple of them for Christmas 2022. Here’ the rust one — wool/silk blend.

The first one I made was light blue wool. It took me a loooonng time to figure out the pattern, because my brain and hands needed to switch from seed stitch to rib to stockinette in each row. A lot of tinking* went on with the first attempt. The contrasting color is my trick for using yarn I already have, but don’t have enough of one color.

I forgot to take photos at Christmas, so this is a shop in downtown Spooner where I met up with Brenda and friends — celebrating her mom’s birthday with a shopping spree.

Here’s the original by designer Thea Coleman whose website is called Baby Cocktails.

*tink is knit spelled backwards.

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