Diamond Delights

There I was, trying to take an afternoon nap to shed the persistent headache that’s been muffling my brain for a week. I’d just made the muscle-jerk that portends a fine session of afternoon power sleep when my mind drifted back to the Cubs inning that had just ended.

I started to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. So hard that the cat, who can smell a nap the minute it becomes an idea in my mind, jumped off the bed. I gave up. It’s physically impossible to nap and laugh at the same time.

Javy Baez IS magic and here’s why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThwJiusfcNs

The part that makes me laugh uproariously is when Javy takes a minute to give the safe sign (he’s not an ump, remember) before he sprints back to first.

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