don’t paint me

Apparently, the Craic House doesn’t want to be painted. I just want to paint the eaves, (there are no soffits) since they aren’t covered in new siding and they’re looking pretty sad with the rest of it upgraded. So last week before Justin came to put siding on the rest of the sides (confusing), I climbed up there and started putting primer on the eaves. Much easier BEFORE the siding is in place, so I don’t have to tape off the siding to prevent drips. 

So I hung off the top of the tall ladder — never a comfortable place for me — and started painting away. The surface is very rough with nails sticking through from the roof. Bigger brush. Yikes. That didn’t work very well either. The paint wasn’t getting into the cracks and imperfections. Then I heard a rumble of thunder . . . Zero percent chance of rain which is why I decided to paint in the first place. . .  and it started to pour. Hmmm.

Sun came out presently, so back out I went only to repeat the process. Thunder rumble, downpour and it rained the rest of the day. Besides, everything was then too wet to paint.

So, Justin sided two more sides and what I’d painted with the brush looked pretty sad indeed. So, I resolved to use my handy dandy paint sprayer. Evidently I wasn’t a very good paint cleaner upper after the last time I used it, so I spent a couple of hours getting rubberized latex paint out of the nooks and crannies, but finally got it working.

The wood on the underside of the roof is old and somewhat beat up. Solid enough, not rotted, but water stains and weathered. So, I loaded up the sprayer with my favorite Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 exterior primer and within a half hour I could see right through the paint to all the staining. No exterior stain-covering exterior primer in my stash, so off to town. Which means being at least presentable, although I had paint all over my legs — the result of holding the sprayer in my lap while I fished paint snippets out of the nozzle — and well, let’s be truthful. I wasn’t presentable.

You can barely see where the primer isn’t covering. On this side (west) the siding isn’t on yet, so I only needed to cover the window, although the plastic and tape are now lying on the ground due to wind. 

I looked at Zinsser’s website to determine exactly what primer I wanted: Bulls Eye 123 Plus. Ace didn’t have much of anything in the paint department but they did have three gallons of a different kind of Zinsser called Stain Cover, which the website had said was available only in California. Weird. Over to Hardware Hank, where I couldn’t get Bulls Eye Plus, but bought some house trim paint AND found a spray can of the Stain Cover. Not a terribly efficient way to paint a building — tiny cans of spray paint, but I don’t need a gallon half of which will be eaten up by the sprayer, which is a hog for paint. Along with the fact that it’s oil-based and I’d have to clean the sprayer with mineral spirits.

Left over from last summer.

Found this at Hank in Spooner. Convenient spray can. Yay. 
Yikes. That deck looks terrible. It’s on my list. Take a number.

So far, the spray-can stuff is covering.

Meanwhile, I taped plastic over the entire building so I didn’t spray paint all over the new green siding. This was a study in patience. Yesterday I went to town — to ditch the big, frustrating, immovable futon at the ReStore YAY — and looked at both hardware stores for plastic drop cloths I could use to cover the building. Nothing.

On the way home, the neighbor down the lake was having an estate sale — oh. my. gosh. What a place. I stopped in and toured the house, which is a disaster — the basement was so moldy I could barely breathe. There was crap all over the yard, waterlogged boats in the lake, the dock made from two extension ladders balance out over the water. I am not making this up. Indescribable. There were tons of salvageable items, but where do you begin? But! I did find a roll of plastic laying in the yard that was perfect for what I needed. I dragged it back up to the house (didn’t want it to touch my body and/or clothes because I had gone to town and now looked Presentable), took out a dollar and gave it to the Estate Sale Guy who didn’t want to sell that crappy roll of plastic for so little. But what could he do? I’m big and scary.

More work to put up the plastic than it is to paint. And the wind took down about half of it. 🙁

So, first thing this morning I started taping that plastic to the walls of the Craic House. Went along fairly well, although the enormous fiberglass ladder (that belongs to Justin) is so big and heavy that I was struggling with it. THEN, the wind popped up. I would no sooner hang some plastic than the wind would catch it and peel it off. 🙁  Crazy. 

The Crazy Widow Emerson

It’s been windy since I returned from town and I’m not going to attempt to spray anything. Hopefully, tomorrow I can nab a couple more cans of Stain Cover and get things primed and painted. Whether the Craic likes it or not.

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