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Everything about today was kind of impulsive (not to be confused with COMpulsive, which seldom happens here). I decided to replace the desk I kind of like with the one I REALLY like in my closet office. The main reason is that the bedrooms are so small here at Libby’s that there’s room for a bed and pretty much nothing else. And the Really Like desk was taking up room in the East Bedroom. So, I pulled the Kind Of desk out of the closet, then removed the floor rug, which had become disgusting and realized that there was bare concrete under there. 

Hmm, methinks. This is an excellent opportunity to test the flooring I’ve been researching: Congoleum Carefree. (The painted concrete idea, while ok, wasn’t a rousing success because it weeps during very humid summer days thereby molding the rugs and causing enough moisture to make the floor slippery.  Dehumidifer can only do so much.)  I can see how the flooring survives the winter by laying it in the closet. It floats, so if the cold damages the product, I can pick it up and toss it.

Congoleum warns that this product needs to be at 65 degrees or above at all times. Right. Well, he who obeys the rules gets stuck with mainstream stuff resulting in a Generic House.  Maybe Congoleum will be interested in the results of my research. Although I doubt it.

So instead of  immediately exchanging desks, I drove to Menards to buy a box of the flooring.  I also bought this stuff called DMX Underlayment that’s supposed to let moisture evaporate due to its Patented Air Circulation Wondrousness. I put that down under half the flooring (also against the Rules) and laid the rest on the bare concrete. I’d like to use the underlayment because I’m hoping for warmth, so as September cools down, I’ll have my toes do a review.

SO. While I’m wandering the aisles of Menards — always dangerous — I see this on sale:

It’s a mini!

How could I resist? I bought the same item in a double version for Brenda’s birthday and we’ve been having a blast with it. So, I blew it up — that would be inflated it — and took it for a spin. Lots of fun for $49.

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