Magic Workbench

Amazing. I just pulled the workbench out from the wall in the basement (shop vac comes in handy to destroy creepy cobwebs) and at first glance it looks like it comes apart. Built to be disassembled. Yay. Can’t see very well, so need to crawl under there with a flashlight. (the shop light goes on, but keeps blinking like a strobe light — worse than no light at all.)

Typical workbench — lots of stuff on it.
Cleaned off — look at the potential!

Yes! It was carefully built with no screws or nails so it could be disassembled. The 4×4 legs are made from four pieces of oak glued together. I know this because one came apart. The bottoms of the legs are a bit water damaged so I’m going to buy post bases (I never know the Official Names of things) to cover the damage. The top was held on by little wooden twisty things that tuck into a groove. (What are these called?)

So I pulled it apart and brought the pieces upstairs where I laid the top on the counter top and began scrubbing with TSP. Some stains were raised — like paint cans sat there — so I grabbed the CitriStripper and that comes off very easily. There’s a dark finish that’s kind of crackled, too, so I’m stripping that in prep for Zinsser BIN Ultra Stain Blocker. This hid the water stains on the 130 apartment floor.

Well. I’ve seen worse.
Stained and pretty grubby

I debated for awhile whether to paint it white or create a “reclaimed wood” look that’s all the rage. I’m opting for paint for a cleaner look. After the primer I’ll use porch and floor as the top coat.

Of course I never stop to ask myself why. Why? Why am I doing this?

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