Monday, Monday. Can’t trust that day

Huge oops when I realized I’d put the workbench back together wrong 🙁 Came apart again easily enough and I pushed (and pounded) it back together the right way. That was after working for 45 minutes at putting it together the wrong way — which is why it wouldn’t go together easily. Sheesh.

So I primed the whole thing with the Magic BIN primer that covers everything on earth including grease stains. Not sure how that works, but I love it. Besides, it’s made for impatient people since it can be recoated in 45 minutes.

Primer to cover up all the stains
Those towels? They’re protecting the wood from the c-clamps that are holding that broken leg together while the glue dries. Unfortunately I neglected to prime that part 🙁
Went together better when it was upside down. Note the mallet. Yes. Yes, I beat on the furniture. The kitchen looks kind of messy. Huh.


Ready for the second coat tomorrow.
The ugly truth about kitchen sinks. They’re all kind of icky.

No shutoff valves at the sink, so I’ll need to shut off the main to install them.

Spruced right up with a coat of paint.

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