What their moms called them:

Marty King
Larry Welk
Wally Cronkite
Bobbie Redford
Evie Waugh
Al Einstein
Peggy Thatcher
Chuck DeGaulle
Chuck Darwin
Mike Gorbachev
Lenny DaVinci
Ernie Hemingway
Hank Ford
Joey Stalin
Al Hitchcock
Woody Wilson
Kathy Hepburn
Bill Shakespeare
Chuck Dickens
Al Bell
Betty Browning
Sue Anthony
Tom Jefferson
Andy Carnegie
Orv and Bill Wright
Mal X
Hank Thoreau
Nikki Tesla
Jim Madison
Izzy Newton
Wally Raleigh

There’s a relentless crazy wind outside and the temperature is around zero degrees. I live in a cozy apartment on the second floor of a brick building. Yay.

So Judy said LemiShine the name of a product I’d recommended to her and I heard “lemme shine!” As in “you always steal the show.” And proceeded to tell me the story. It wasn’t until much later that I interpreted LemiShine. Hahahaha. Communication. I thought it was a bit out of character for her to say “Let me shine!”

When I grow up I want to be the guy that chooses the names of paint colors. Lobster, Savory Summer, Melody, Autumn Wreath, Topanga, Shocking (the color of my dining room!) Juicy, First Date, Sea Cottage, Rock Creek, Shallow Pool, Stowaway, Hot Hibiscus, Strong Wind, Dusty Cloud, Brotherhood, School’s Out, Splashed Puddle.

I’m not making these up.