So, I found this package of Asian snap pea seeds in the Gardening Tote (small house means storing a lot of stuff in totes outdoors). Well, I thought, these seeds can’t be any good since they have frozen at least one winter. But on my way to the garbage can, I must have gotten distracted and laid them on top of a fence post.

Then it rained. A lot.

A few days later I saw the strangest object on the fencepost. From a few paces away, it looked like a science experiment gone wrong.

Sans the little bowl I used to collect the errant seeds, this is what it looked like. I honestly thought some weird bird was building a lumpy nest. Anyway, the little fellas sprouted. So I planted them.

This is an old hunk of fence that was laying around. There’s a spot on the south side of Libby’s that was potatoes (fail!) last year and hadn’t grown in yet. We’ll see what happens. I love pea pods.

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