rain chain

I wanted to make a rain chain for Brenda’s birthday, so I started gathering all sorts of stuff

There was a bucket of rocks languishing behind the toolshed.

More rocks. I know. Kind of a mess.

At first I thought I’d use rocks, but I was really lame at wrapping rocks in wire. I actually bought a diamond drill bit so I could drill holes through them and send the wire through, but it was painfully slow and I planned to use A Lot O’ Rocks. Then I rediscovered this box of wooden things.

Doesn’t everyone have a box of wooden things? Prolly not.

And these rascals had pre-drilled holes. Amazing.

This’ll work. Pre-rusted, too.

Tools. Preferably pre-rusted. They work better that way. (I looked it up on Google.) Those keys would also make an interesting rain chain.

The wire went neatly through the wood, then I wrapped it around something several times to make a pigtail.

Happy Birthday, Brenda.

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