rake roofs not leaves

Nightmares of collapsed roofs dancing in my head, I took the garden rake roofside– just to make up for my lawn negligence. (In my defense, Treehugger gave me permission to not rake.) It hasn’t really snowed that much yet this year, but it’s only January. The house isn’t all that big, but somehow lifting the roof out of the living room sounds like something to avoid.

Besides. Ice dams. They are rumored to be busy under the snow lifting each shingle and sliding their frigid fingers into the recesses of roofdom.

It was above zero yesterday so outdoor activities resumed. Ice dams begone.

See that coil of heating wire? Don’t go outside with that. It’s really unruly even at 30 above. I had part of it attached to the roof when I realized that I would never convince the circular memory of this stuff to let go of the past. So, with it still partially attached to the roof, I took the roll inside allowing the attached end to feed through the cracked-open patio door while I talked it into going straight. Are coils addictive? You bet they are.

This worked and I soon had the north eave of the roof covered.

Does it work? Well there aren’t sheets of water coming off the roof, the ice dams are still there, but the house hasn’t burned down.

Advice to my Future Self: Put the heat cables on before it snows. This is helpful not only for curling issues, but also because the shingles are ice-free. Attaching those sharp little clips wearing chopper mitts is a bit clumsy. Hands are so much more efficient when they’re naked.

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