Snow Day

Beautiful fluffy white snow coming down this morning. I needed coffee and casters for the smaller table. Apparently I needed them both immediately, so I set off for Marketplace (coffee!) and then Ace Hardware where I got the casters. I also needed a video card adapter for my computer, so stopped in to CCS where I talked to my friend Wendy for awhile.

Meanwhile, the snow was coming down hard and in an attempt to clear the windshield of built-up ice, I broke the wiper, which went flying. I wiped off the window as much as possible and limped off to Napa where the friendly, helpful guys installed a new wiper blade for me.

Back home, the snow was piling up on the porch and steps, so I got that shoveled off and then started washing the kitchen walls for painting. Amazing how much leftover scraps of paper are still stubbornly clinging to the walls. But with the aid of TSP substitute, lots of water and a metal scraper I got most of it done. By this time the snow had stopped and the sun was out — which was a great help in seeing the offending paper/blue in that somewhat dark kitchen. Ready to paint tomorrow. Yay.

The casters fit the table fine, but don’t stick into the slots, so while it rolls easily and doesn’t scratch the floor, you can’t lift it without losing all the casters. Sigh.

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