the closet project

Since I never posted all of 2016’s scintillating upgrades, I’m going to work backwards. The closets have always been one of those things I keep closing the doors on and not looking. For one thing, they were drywalled, but instead of finishing, there was cedar chipboard nailed over the top of the drywall. I’m sure there was some good reason for this, but it escaped me entirely. I guess I can think of much more aesthetically pleasing ways to defeat rascally moths who want to lunch on my summer clothes.

Last year I ditched the 1/4″ cedar chipboard in all closets except the utility one where the pressure tank and water heater live. So, last week I removed the last of the cedar — smells good when you cut it with the oscillating tool. That’s the extent of my positive comments.

I also knocked out the useless wall between the two east bedroom closets. It was just a couple of 2×2’s holding up a couple pieces of drywall, so out it came leaving more room for laundry stuff.

Thanks to a chance meeting of a very generous and helpful contractor (Bass Lake Inn on a warm day at happy hour) I got the name of a drywaller who wanted only “small jobs”. Doesn’t get much smaller than four tiny closets in a tiny home. So I called John Schultz of Shell Lake and he mudded and patched up all the drywall in these four closets.


Meanwhile, the water heater was rusting from the outside. This is not only ugly but makes me wonder what it looks like on the inside. I have no idea why it did this as there’s no leakage in that closet. At any rate, it served up water hot and fresh for every shower for many years so I shouldn’t judge him by his appearance. 😛

John finished the drywall on Thursday and I set to work painting my head off to get two coats dry before Mike from WK Appliance showed up Friday morning to install. (In spite of being Friday the 13th nothing leaked.) I never liked the fact that the supply lines were running around the middle of the utility closet. ?? Strange. . . and mildly unnerving considering it doesn’t take much to break skinny pvc pipe.

So voila!

Pipes along the back wall — and bonus sexy copper fittings to boot. So stylish. There’s nothing romantic about new water heaters. In fact this one looks almost identical to the old one only slightly bigger and sans rust. This one is a 40 gal — WAY overkill for my little hovel but you never know when you’ll have six or eight guests crowding around for showers of a summer morning. It’s name is Bradford White the Defender. Looks like a Brad I knew once, but he wasn’t much of a Defender.

I took him for a test drive yesterday and did have a hot shower, so happiness prevails.

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