Time warp times two

So every now and then you have a day that things just get done. It seems it contains more hours than the typical day. Between those days are typically 364 days during which things don’t seem to progress at all. Well, yesterday and today were BOTH time-warp-more-hours days. Yesterday, the workbench got itself upstairs and started getting cleaned up. Then, since it wasn’t snowing and/or 20 below zero, I decided to make a Spooner trip, as the Restore there is big and usually full of good stuff. I think my Buy of the Day was this sink:

$35 and still in the box. SO glad I measured the bathroom before I left.

I won’t say what I was THINKING about doing for the bathroom sink. But this was too good to pass up. I also got a great Ikea table with adjustable legs — it goes from coffee table to bar height — that I’d like to use for a kitchen island. And lights. A few ceiling fixtures that will fit nicely — one for the kitchen and one to replace the broken light/fan in the bedroom.

Still looking for a vanity light for the bathroom. The current one has a switch and they’re hard to find. I may need to install a switch in one of the lights I have.

Since I was down that way, I stopped at Libby’s to pick up some stuff. I had a nice navy shower curtain languishing there that will look nice here. Also wanted my circular and jig saws. I finally grabbed the speakers for my desktop. Difficult to watch YouTube videos without sound, so how would I learn to put a switch in a light or install a shut-off valve in the kitchen?

AND. . . I got my car stuck. It snowed quite a bit this past week and since my driveway isn’t plowed, I use Marie’s next door. Well, there’s a SOLD sign on her house and an unplowed driveway, but I have 4-wheel drive. I parked on the level part just in front of the big garage, but alas, I got stuck turning around. Tried to get out, then went for help to Merle and Linda Knott’s. Merle and his brother-in-law, Bob managed to pull me out with their little vehicle and a rope. It was nice to see the Knotts who were quite surprised to see me mid-winter.

I wish I had a picture of Libby’s thigh-deep in snow. Very pretty. (Like I don’t already have a thousand pictures of Libby’s thigh-deep in snow.)

Even after all that, I still got back to Hayward before 4 pm.

Then today turned out that way, too. I woke up at 5 am and couldn’t wait to keep going with that workbench. So, I coffee’d up and started slathering on the stripper. My intention was to just get off the damaged finish and places where it was painted for some reason. I ended up taking it down to bare wood in most places. The wood is nice — either oak or maple, but it’s pretty beat up and despite the endless farmhouse/distressed/reclaimed furniture on Pinterest, to me it looks like old beat up shit. So I spent a great deal of time compulsively removing the old finish, then washing it all down with tsp (substitute).

Meanwhile, I made an early-morning run to Walmart for curtain stuff — I bought the only white twin flat sheet and the only pack of 8 grommets. So, we’ll see what I can do for curtains (about which I’ve been obsessing).

THEN, to L&M where I found everything I needed to make my day complete. Steel wool, f’rinstance, which I needed to clean up the workbench.

This is the one leg that came apart. The “4×4” is hollow — so one 1×4 came undone. I’ll have to glue it.
It’s a really well-made piece.

And here it is leaning against the wall all cleaned up and ready for paint.

It was still early afternoon, so I took the green shelving unit off the bathroom wall.

It’s green.
And fits just about anywhere
Friends with the fridge
and leaves a nice open space in the teensy weensy bathroom
Is that. . .? OH NO!!. It’s wallpaper.
Then I found this sweet thing in the garage. Buried in cobwebs.

A coat of paint and it’ll be great. Besides, there’s no bottom shelf and it fits perfectly over the heat vent and still allows the heat into the room.

And I still had enough time left to take a shower, process all these photos, pet the cat and write all this exhilarating stuff. Definitely a time warp.

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