who’s me?

Awhile back I realized that it’s kind of annoying when you don’t know who (or what) is behind a website. It’s me. That’s Big Steve to my right. Big Steve was named in the summer of 2019 by these two

Ashlyn and Arie — two of my favorite people. A and A are not related to me, but they and their mom, Heidi, visit every summer and we have fun on the lake. Bandit, my favorite dog, happened to be visiting while they were here and they took good care of him.

You can see by comparing Big Steve to his companions why he acquired that moniker.

For some reason, I thought all their names were Ty, but Ashlyn and Arie corrected me.

I write this drivel for myself. Mainly because I love to do things but I forget how or why I do them and I like to go back and remind myself. For example, a few years ago I remodeled my bathroom. I had no idea how to remodel a bathroom or fix leaky plumbing, but I couldn’t find anyone to do it for me and the floor was squishy. Not a secure feeling when you’re standing on it.

I know I did the bathroom, but I don’t remember why or how. I know YouTube helped a lot. And so did Al at the hardware store. This is just one of the projects I’ve undertaken, but I can’t remember what motivated me. So here’s my making sense of the why part. I’m just writing it down to remember that I keep learning and liking and living a life.